Want More Real Estate Leads?

“97% of consumers check out local businesses online before they decide to call or visit them. And, 88% take action within a day.” ~ Google

We know that every real estate agent is always looking for more leads. But, why spend time & effort looking for them, when you can have the real estate leads find you instead?

But, there’s one great big problem that most agents & brokers have in that regard…

With ever increasing competition – and the shear number of real estate professionals competing for search results positioning, unfortunately most agents & brokers are not very findable online.

“9 out of 10 web searchers do not go past the first page of search results.” ~ Google

If your real estate business is not squarely in front of home buyers and sellers when and where they are looking for information online, you are losing sales. But, it doesn’t have to be that way…

“We deliver unique leads to real estate professionals by making their real estate business more findable online.” ~ Don Roberts, CLMC

National Real Estate Marketing provides proven marketing services to help real estate professionals attract more sales using the Internet.

“Don has become a trusted adviser. His recommendations are spot-on.”
~ Jason Wells, Esq. (Real Estate Attorney & Agent, Tempe, AZ)

Our Proven Internet Marketing Services Include:

  • Websites – We create two types of professional-looking, search engine loving websites:
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    • “Real Estate Lead Generation” websites that capture and deliver unique real estate leads directly to you. Other real estate “lead” providers send the same leads to multiple agents at the same time. But, not us. Our unique leads go to you…and you alone. No more competing for the same leads everyone else gets. Exclusive.
    • Credibilitywebsites that make you and your brand look good online. We make “credibility” websites capture leads, too. Smart real estate pros have both types of websites working for them…around the clock.
  • Video – We make custom videos to market:
    • You (highlighting ‘what’ sets you apart from your competition)…and videos to market
    • Your currently available properties

But, That’s Not All…
Google reports that most web searchers don’t go past Page 1 of search results. As a result, there are lots of nice-looking real estate websites online…websites that nobody can find because they’re buried in the search results. Not ours. We take the professional real estate websites we create…and super-charge them.

  • We use our “secret sauce” to initially get the websites ranked favorably in the search engines – Then, we perform ongoing Jedi-like strategies to keep your websites ranking favorably over time. Naturally, that leads to more sales.

One Last Thing…

  • We use insanely powerful social media strategies – Strategies that most marketing agencies don’t know anything about – to help our real estate professionals tap into the social arena to get even more sales.

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Here’s What To Do Now…
As you’re sitting there reading this, you begin to realize that you can start to drive more real estate sales when you go with smart marketing for real estate agents. Imagine what you’ll do with your extra commissions. Time for you to get started!

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